Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Engaged on November 24, 2012

Well these two love birds are tying the knot!!!!  We were on our traditional tree cutting trip when JT proposed to Lexie. It was a beautiful day and we were having a great time together as a family.  Aunt Tiff and I went on a little 4-wheeler ride and put a sign that said "Lexie with you marry me" and a big red bow around a pine tree.  The ring was hanging from a ribbon by the sign.  JT and Lexie then went on a 4-wheeler ride and ran into it:)  SHE SAID YES!!!  We are so pleased with who he has chosen to spend forever with.  Lexie is an amazing young lady, extremely sweet and it is as if we have known her forever.  We are looking forward to their wedding  March 9, 2013!!!!
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debrajo said...

It's a good thing she said yes, because first of all it was the smart thing to do--JT is a KEEPER! And second of all, it would have totally RUINED Christmas trees to have a NO attached to the annual tradition. LOL!