Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Christmas Memories!! 2012

We had a wonderful Christmas!!  Notice the beautiful "dead" tree.  We had this tree down and out of the house by 10:30 Christmas morning!! I have never had a tree do that before:( - such a bummer.

College bound boy got a lap top!!

PF Flyers - such a HAPPY boy!

I finally made Brock a blanket for school trips - UB sewed the MHS on it!! He was pumped :)

Yes - someones USED is our NEW!!!  Firewood here he comes.

Mary and her hairdo doll!! I love having a little girl around.

Thank heavens for new Sunday clothes!!

I love these 2 pictures.  Gracilyn got a makeup kit for Christmas. Tim sat with her and put makeup on her sweet little face - PRICELESS!!!!
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debrajo said...

OMGSH! HAHAHA! I LOVE THE USED CHAIN SAW! I think that's hilarious! Glad to know I'm not the only one who has ever gifted used things! One year Mitch & I gave Taylor a huge set of Legos from a garage sale, and it was supposed to be a remote control contraption. I always felt guilty that it was missing something that would have made it work, and Taylor told me that was one of his favorite Christmas presents. Haha! Sometimes it works out, even if it's used. :)

AND, before we even brought our tree in the house this year, we had "Needle-Geddon" on our front porch. Usually you lose some pine needles, but it was nothing like this year. The aftermath of our DEAD tree when we took it down was crazy, too. I'm not as good as you, though, to haul a dead tree out of my house by 10:30am on Christmas day, though. It must have just been the year--maybe the trees sensed that the end of the world was coming & they gave up.