Monday, May 28, 2012

Fishing Trip of a Life Time!!

Nicholas, Tiff and Dad getting ready to go fishin!!

Love this sister of mine!!

Tiff and dad on the boat with our guide Mike Roth.

I love this picture! Nicholas contemplating all the fish he is going to catch. Mike was wonderful the whole trip, he fixed our lines, baited our hooks and took care of us.  My daddy looks so cute in his hat:-)

It's was beautiful!! As I was on the water a hymn kept coming to my mind "For The Beauty of The Earth". I am so thankful for the Creator.  How can anyone question if there is a God?!?

We went all the way to the Dam - it is quite a site and sight:-)

My very 1st FISH!! - I love the grin on my sister's face behind me:-)

A few years ago we had a little discussion with my dad about how he has never taken his daughters on any hunting or fishing trips.  I actually remember as a kid going on a few fishing trips down to Chevlon but I don't remember casting a line or catching anything.  My brother Dave jokes and says I never fished because I was always to busy making everybody else a sandwich!!  So, when the big "C" word came into my dad's life he asked us girls if there was anything that we would really like to do with him?  We quickly replied a fishing and hunting trip!!  When he called to tell me about the fishing trip that he planned to Lee's Ferry he told me I could invite someone, so I invited my "favorite" son-in-law Nicholas.  He really was in his element.  He was so calm, cool and collected while Tiff and I where squealing and screaming about every little fish and bite!!! It is such a beautiful place!! I have heard a lot of stories about ancestors, especially Jacob Hamblin and his time spent in the area.  The night before we were suppose to leave Mike Roth called my dad and asked him if he wanted to cancel because of the windy weather.  Dad told him that he wanted see it through and if his daughter were able to catch at least one fish the trip would be successful.  We prayed that night that the winds would die down and prayed again the next morning.  It was a testimony to me that Heavenly Father is aware of my/our hearts desire.  The weather was gorgeous and the winds didn't start to blow until we were in the car headed home.   I had been praying all week that my dad would have the energy and strength to make the trip, that he would feel good enough to be able to enjoy our time together.  Again, my prayers were answered!!  Between the 4 of us we caught around 40 fish.  It is hard for me to express my feelings about this trip.  It truly was a trip of a life time.  I am thankful for an amazing fishing trip with my dad and for one more memory to tuck away in my heart. Love you daddy!!!
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Aunt Tiff said...

You made me cry!! a trip that will never be forgotten!! how grateful I am to have you as my only sister!! we couldn't have been blessed with better parents!!

JENNE said...

Hey jami, did you know thatt Lee's ferry is where rog proposed to me:) I have been up the river a couple of times with my dad too. Great memories. I was sorry to hear about your dad. No fun! He is such a great man! Thanks for posting about these sweet moments- I love seeing all about your beautiful family! Miss you! We need a catch up session -soon. How in the heck did we get to be grandma's?

cturley said...

That was an amazing post thank you for sharing!! Love your Dad! The pictures were awesome. Glad you had this opportunity to be with your Dad!!

debrajo said...

Oh, that makes me cry. What a sweet memory you have and that your dad asked you specifically if there was anything you guys wanted to do with him. That's so neat you got to take this daddy-daughter trip. So awesome! And holy cow, 40 fish? That's crazy! I love that you guys went to Lee's Ferry, too. How special. We sure love you guys!