Monday, November 24, 2008


We have spent the last three weekends on the road, supporting kids makes me tired!! We ended up winning the State Championship Game against Pima!!!!!! HURRAY!!! The score was 66 to 34, we totally dominated!! All the boys played amazing, they are such good kids. It is soooo much fun watching our son, nephew, cousins and neighbors. JT had a great defensive game. I know we eat, sleep, walk, talk, pee @ poo the sport but darn it - it's FUN!!!

This past week-end we made a fast trip to Burley Idaho. Yeah - I said Burley Idaho!!! We went for the wedding reception for Carly and Nicholas. It was neat to see Nicholas neck of the woods!! We really enjoyed our time, even though it was a fast trip. The Mallory's hospitality was greatly appreciated. We are very pleased with our son-in-law and his family roots. Great People!! We decided to leave our 3 little ones with Tara and Ben. Nate gets so car sick and the thought of 15 hours of driving there and back with 3 little ones didn't sound fun. A BIG THANK YOU to Tara and Ben for taking such good care of them.

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Aunt Tiff said...

So glad it all went well for you guys!