Tuesday, November 11, 2008


JT is the coolest 17 year old son I have ever had:) He is always the life of every party! He has waited and waited for this coming Saturday ever since he was a little guy. Saturday is the big State Champion Football game against Pima. Saying that he loves football is an understatement...he LIVES it!! At times it drives me bonkers, but I love him and I want to wish him the best. I hope he hurts their quaterback...ok not really, but you know what I mean:) I hope his DREAM comes true and they walk away CHAMPIONS!!

Kicken some Joe City BUTT!

That's my #40...way to make a momma proud!

ps...if any of you would like to come join our loud mouths in rootin the Mustangs on, the game is Saturday the 15th @ 7:00pm at Apache Junction HS. For more information call 240-2362!


Alvin & Jessica Pease said...

i hope they win!!! ill be there to cheer them on with ya! GOOO MUSTANGS!! and JT is so good looking. i cant believe how grown up my little cousins are getting... neway luv ya & cant wait to see ya saturday!!

ClayandAmeeHensley said...

Hey Slades.. Good luck to the Mustangs.. My kids are rooting for Heber. I love it but Clay doesn't..lol...GO MUSTANGS!!!!!

Aunt Tiff said...

Good luck to my flippen HOT nephew:)...kick some massive Pima butt!!

Travis & Kalee Tenney said...

Good Luck T! We're so excited for you, and we'll probably be there. p.s. Jamie Thanks for the Thank you Card...and then you can say thanks for saying thanks for my thank you card... hehehe : )

JENNE said...

Did you win? Did ya?? Did YA??

Taralee and Trace said...

That was an great game. I'm glad we drove the 10 hour drive across the Res at night so that we could see the Mustangs win. It was well worth the non-sleep and crabby baby boy!