Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Well -I am late about blogging this news but....
Our Macky got his mission call
He is serving in the Boston Massachusetts Mission
He will be speaking SPANISH
He reports July 17th, 2013

I had to put this picture of him on here - this was taken when he was 3 yrs old
Super excited and happy for this boy!!
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cturley said...

So excited for Macky & your family!! He will be a great missionary!

cturley said...

So happy for your family especially Macky! He will do a great job!

jenneday said...

Oh My Goodness!!This is the best news ever! My Mckay has a friend going same mission - spanish speaking too!
Guess what - my daughter gets home on the 18th of July! so bring Mackay up to the MTC and enjoy the festivities with us!

jenneday said...

Oh My Goodness that is the best news!!
We have a boy in our stake - one of my Mackay's friends. Going to same mission- spanish speaking - he might even be going the same day? I will find out.
And Nellie come's home on the 18th so bring Mackay up to the MTC and we will have all kind's of celebrations!

debrajo said...

Oh my gosh! What a darling picture of those two!

Congratulations on Macky's call! He's going to be fantastic out there!!!!