Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Happy Birthday Mom!!

I just wanted to wish my amazing mom a Happy Birthday!! I love this picture!!!!!! You know we have a lot in common......

We were blessed with two girls
Have had a lot of boys running around our house
Have sat through a large number of ballgames supporting our kids
Raised our families in the same home
Spent many hours raising children without our spouses around
Love our daddy
Love music
Say LONG prayers
Love the Lord and are thankful for the restoration
Love when family is near

I am just super grateful for my mom's example of service and Christ like living!!
Love you so much mom - Happy Birthday!!
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cturley said...

Happy birthday to your lovely MOM!!! Love her

debrajo said...

I love Aunt Mary!

It's neat that you have so much in common with such an amazing lady...and yet it doesn't surprise me at all, because you're so amazing yourself. : )

I have memories myself of seeing Aunt Mary supporting her kids in sports--you forgot to mention that you guys KNOW HOW TO CHEER your kids on. : ) Tenney's rock. That's for sure.