Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Summer Time FUN!!

Nothing better than a Big Gulp and a Bubble Bath!!

How OLD, is too Old for a Bubble Bath???

Posted by Picasa p/s They do have swimming trunks on - thank Heavens :-)


Aunt Tiff said...

THat's funny!!

JENNE said...

I am so SORRY jami, I know you will understand how your family takes up more then every second of your time. Overwhelming, yet hillarious times. I keep hoping to come to AZ with out rushing there and back, so that we can share a slurpee together.(or a run)

debrajo said...

HAHAHA! Those are aweome pictures. After you asked how old was too old for a bubble bath, I was going to say that I was glad there were enough bubbles to cover up.... Then you said they had swimming trunks on. Haha! In that case, you're never too old for a bubble bath. So funny!

Ginger.... said...

I love it! Thanks for a good laugh :).
Happy b-day to Brock! He is such a good boy.