Tuesday, October 13, 2009


This past week was Homecoming and there was something going on everyday of the week!!! It was absolutely CRAZY. My BIG boys had some activity every night, by the time the weekend came I was sooo tired. Here are some pictures of the Homecoming assembly on Thursday night. It was a lot of fun, both Macky and JT were up for Homecoming royalty.

I LOVE this picture !!! These boys have been nominated for Homecoming Royalty 4 years in a row and have lost every year:) I can't find their freshman and sophomore pics or I would have posted all 4 years - how HILARIOUS - "I grow-up to be a loser"!!!! They are so stinkin FUN and HANDSOME!!

I am blessed to have these boys in my life, they are not perfect, they don't always do and say the right thing but they're MINE and I'm THANKFUL for that!!!!

We survived another Homecoming week and we even won our football game a bazillion to nothin!!!!

What more could you ask for????

How about a sweet victory this Friday!!!!!

I might just stay home and wait for the fireworks to tell me who won!!!

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Deni said...

Your boys are so handsome. Congrats on a great win. I look forward to the time that my kids are this age.

Aunt Tiff said...

Love the pic of Chace and JT...they are so stinking fun!! Can't believe how grown up your boys are!! Makes me kind of sad!!!

Shawna said...

Cute, cute boys with a hot mama in between. Chace and JT - way cute! You couldn't handle staying home this Friday and waiting for the fireworks!!

Couple of Hunt's said...

Well I hope the fireworks are heading our way...that is JC way hehe. Ross and I won't even be there, it's going to be weird not arguing and betting the entire time HEHE!! have fun.

The Reidheads said...

Jami you are seriously hot, hot, hot!! Your boys are too and such good boys!! You seriously are such an inspiration and an amazing friend to me!! Love ya!!

debrajo said...

Nominated 4 times?! That's quite a feat! It's even harder not to win that many times. LOL They look great, though.