Thursday, September 17, 2009


Why when my daughter and son-in-law get a new puppy do I have to babysit it EVERYDAY???

Why do my boys pee on the toilet seat???

Why can't I see the pee on the toilet seat before I sit down????

Why can't my big kids be nice to my little kids????

Why are my children nicer to their friends then their siblings???

Why do I hate exercising and why hasn't my mind embrased it as a "HABIT"???

Why do I still crave DIET DR PEPPER after a year of giving it up????

Why can't I even begin to understand the writtings of Isaiah in the Book Of Mormon???

Why do I love chocolate soooo much????

Why couldn't I love carrot sticks????

Why am I having one of those days???



Porter Prodigies II said...

Awww Jamilyn, Im so sorry youre having a why day. I hope it gets better! The answer to why you have to babysit the dog is because youre awesome and you say yes! The boys pee on the seat wiht no cleanup because again...youre awesome and clean it up for them. You hate exercise because it stinks and makes you stink & you crave D.DrP cuz its AWESOME, as is chocolate! Love you girl, smile...why? cuz youre beautiful and blessed!

Aunt Tiff said...

Love these kind of days!!! you forgot one though...WHY do my sister's children always have to come over and make my life a living HELL!!!???

troy and melani said...

LOVE IT!!! Im glad to hear how that others feel the pain I feel!!! haha. You are so awesome!

KaNdRa and JaReD said...

I ask "why not".

Ok that was gay...

I wish that I knew what it was like to have older kids, but I don't, or having to babysit a dog, but I don't.
I do know what it's like to NOT like to eat carrot sticks and to not have or think of exersize as a routine.


Hang in there!


Deni said...

Sorry you're having a bad day! Wish I could be there to eat chocolate with you.

Sara Gibbons Cook said...

WHY don't you get your tail up to Utah for a little play time???? That's my question! Bring your sis while your at it!! :)


Hang in there beautiful!
Love you lots!! :)

Taralee said...

to answer your questions:

1. because you are such a great fun loving mom who will do anything for her kids.

2. something to do with their genetics and build. just a little somethin-somethin. (wink, wink)

3. maybe get your eyes checked out? or buy a black light...that will for sure show it.

4. because it toughens the little kids up. (i was a "little" kid...and I turned out did Tiff.)

5. because friends have to earn love and respect...with siblings it is a given and known fact that they will ALWAYS be there forever and eternity. Some friends won't.
(but they still need to be nice.)

6. Exercising is hard, PLUS finding the time to do it can be even harder. PROPS to you for sticking to it- even if it's not exactly a habit.

7. Diet Dr. Pepper is of the devil- if your going to crave something you might as well crave the real stuff. :)

8. Chocolate is a cure all.

9. When you go to Heaven you can ask Isaiah himself. He'll give you the low-down.

10. Carrots sticks are unsatisfying and still leave you hungry- even if you eat an entire bag.

11. I'm not sure. But you are awesome. I've always thought that. AND you always say the nicest things to me. I think you're great...even if you do have a bad day or two!

amanda.hall said...

Haha... I love it. Such good questions!