Saturday, April 25, 2009


Today is my one and only sisters birthday!!! She is celebrating her 3oth today!!! Yes - I said 30th!!!! I just wanted to wish her a very happy birthday. She has been such a blessing in my life. We have become really good friends through the years. We are 12 years apart and our roles in the family were totally different. I was the oldest daughter and the 2nd mother to all my brothers. She was the youngest daughter and had to survive ALL my brothers. When Tim and I got married, she was only 8 years old (crazy)!!! It has been neat to watch her grow-up into this amazing woman!! She has been blessed with so many gifts/talents and she is ALWAYS sharing these gifts/talents with others. I love our morning phone calls and I love the fact that she lives so close by. Happy Birthday Dear Sister!! - I LOVE YOU!!!


Aunt Tiff said...

THANKS!!! You are the best sister one could ask for!! Hope you know how much I love you...even if you put a HUGE sign on the front of my house letting everybody know how old i am!!!!

JENNE said...

Dear Jami,
I would love to see you this weekend. If you have a second call me!