Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Eagle Project FINALLY finished!!

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JT finally got his Eagle Project finished. His project was 2 sets of double sided bookshelf's for Mountain Meadows Primary School. He did a great job and had a lot of help from friends, coaches and family. A man in the community (Gerd) was incredible help. He is such a nice man and let JT use his garage and all his power tools, if it wasn't for him the project probably wouldn't have gotten done. So, Gerd - we THANK YOU!!!! It's been a long road and Tim and I are not the best with raising scouts. It didn't help that the first scout camp JT went to he had a broken arm (from a motorcycle accident) and the second scout camp he attended he got his finger chopped off!! So, needles to say he was a little behind. With much perseverance, prodding, yelling, threatening and LOVE he finally did it!!!
Way to go BUBBA!!!
Since I'm talking about JT I do have to mention that Mogollon had its Basketball Banquet and Jt received:
*Most Outstanding Player
*First Team - All Region Award
*1A - All Tournament Team
Not that I really know what all that means, but he does and maybe when he reads this 20 years from now he will be reminded of what a successful junior year he had and he can feed that amazing large ego of his!!!!!!

Monday, March 30, 2009


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Macky turned 15 on the 25th of March. He always gets the shaft because his b-day is during spring break. Tim and I have missed a couple of his birthdays through the years because we have been gone. This year Tim took Macky and a couple of his friends to ShowLow to eat Papa Johns and go bowling. I can't believe that in September he will be driving the streets of Heber (everyone - watch out:)
Macky loves games (anything that has to do with battles and armies). He loves spending time playing computer games with UB - aka Uncle Brandon. He is pretty helpful and at times I don't give him enough praise for All the things that he does for me. He is pretty savey with the girls, he gets that from his dad, he is a "Little Romeo" !! He tries hard to befriend the friendless and sticks up for the under dog. He makes us laugh and quotes movie line after movie line. He is a great son, big brother and Priesthood holder!!! WE LOVE YOU MACKY!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

I HATE the wind!!!

Yesterday was so WINDY - so windy in fact that we lost electricity for hours!!! We came home from church, started making homemade pizza, preheated the oven and POOF - no power!!

What is a family to do with no power???? Poor pioneers!! I would have made a terrible, whiny pioneer. We busted out all the candles and spent the rest of our Sunday entertaining each other. We told story after story and Nate had the best stories ever, they always included a BIG bear and some type of gun:) The boys got creative and taped flashlights to their air soft guns (need I say more)!!! We then spent most of the night hiding from each other and playing flashlight hide and seek. Mary and I had the best hiding spot, we smoked the boys and they could NEVER find us.

I know we didn't do a very good job of keeping the Sabbath day holy but it did make me think of my pioneer ancestors and what hardships they went through. It also made me think of what's to come.

What is to come????
I do not know, but I do know we could fight off the "bad guys" and we know where to hide!!!!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

My "Biggest Loser" !!

I just have to brag on my honey. We started this "Biggest Loser" competition the beginning of January with about 12 other people. Tim is in the top 3 for losing the most weight. He has lost over 40 pounds!!! I must admit when I first approached him about signing up with me, I didn't think he would do it. Boy - did he prove me wrong!!!! I am just really happy for him. It is such a challenge to lose weight and to exercise on a daily basis. This morning he came in from his workout and was beaming, he came in and gave me a big kiss and informed me that he just ran a mile!!! WOW - HOLY COW - WAY TO GO - KEEP IT UP!!!!

I love him - EVERY BIT OF HIM:)
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Sunday, March 15, 2009

What's For Breakfast?

Last Sunday (before church) my three little ones had every game that we own out of the closet and strung all over the house. I entered the front room and proceeded to tell them that if they got one more thing out of the closet I was going to run away!!!! Tyton started laughing and said "Mom - I'm telling you that if you run away, there will be nobody to make me breakfast"! Now that statement is quite hilarious because if you know me, I never make breakfast!!! One morning, many years ago, when I was making pancakes, Carly entered the kitchen and asked me if it was her dad's birthday!! I felt guilty for many years, questioning what kind of mother/wife I was. Finally one night I went to a Relief Society meeting where the speaker informed me that I wasn't a terrible mom/wife if I didn't make breakfast or homemade bread!!!! Instantly the guilt went a way!!! Don't get me wrong, my children do eat breakfast before they leave for school and they have a variety of choices - Fruit Loops, Shredded Wheat, Lucky Charms or Honey Nut Cheerios!!!!!!!

Tyton - I promise you that if I run away, you'll be fine:)

Friday, March 6, 2009


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Last weekend we took a little trip to California. We have wanted to take our little ones to DisneyLand for quite sometime. Our older kids have been a few times, so last minute we packed up and took a little trip. We bought the kids hats, notice the biggest kid purchased one. Tim wore his pirate hat around DisneyLand all day. It was hilarious and very entertaining. We would be waiting in line and people would slap him high five and make comments:) Inspite of all the people and waiting in line for rides we had a really great time!!!

Tyton Entertaining himself!!!

Posted by PicasaWaiting in lines was the hardest thing. The kids climbed on every fence and swung on every chain!!!
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Posted by PicasaThis ride was the Jungle Cruise. This was our very first ride. We rode it twice, once in the morning and again at night. This ride was actually pretty cool in the dark!

Knotts Berry Farm!

Posted by PicasaWe had a blast at Knotts Berry Farm. There was absolutely nobody around. We were able to get off a ride and get back on. A few times we actually didn't even get off, the workers would just let us go again. Our kids loved this place!!!
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Thursday, March 5, 2009

We LOVE you Lewis Jess!!

It's been a while since I've posted. I just wanted to express my feelings in regards to this test/trial that my sweet niece Jesse and her husband Alvin are experiencing. Most of you know that their baby Lewis Jess had surgery on his heart yesterday. It was a long day for them, as well as all of us. I've wished so bad the last little while and especially yesterday that I could take it ALL away. I've wanted to take it ALL away for their whole entire family. You really do examine your life and try to put yourself in their shoes. I am so impressed with their faith, courage and strength. This test for them has really been a testimony builder to me. As we have fasted and prayed for them, the spirit has been so strong and reiterated to my soul certain things. I know that Heavenly Father presented a beautiful plan for his children and yes we chose to be a part of this plan and we actually shouted for JOY (can you imagine that). This plan included his son, our elder brother and his test/trial while here on this earth makes it possible for us to return home. I know at one point the Savior turned to our Heavenly Father and said "Thy will, Oh Lord, be done." Which is so hard to say, let alone do, I appreciate the Saviors example!! I know that the priesthood is the power and authority of God here on the earth and I am so grateful that through this priesthood, ordinances are performed and FAMILIES are ETERNAL!!!! Through it all, this gives me great hope and peace and my testimony is strengthened.

My love and prayers go out to this sweet little family!
SWEET is the PEACE the GOSPEL brings!!